Hello, My name is Tony Bass. I’m the founder & CEO at Super Lawn Trucks. I’m also the co-author of The E-Myth Landscape Contractor: Why Most Landscape Companies Don’t Work & What To Do About It.

I’m publishing this ad because we are introducing a brand new truck body design that we call the Super Contractor Truck. I’ll admit, this truck looks a little weird when you think of traditional box trucks or dump trucks. But that’s OK. There was a time when ZTR mowers, stand on mowers and mini-skid loaders were new too.

It’s true, our company introduced the Super Lawn Truck ( all-in-one truck and warehouse on wheels for the professional lawn maintenance contractor back in 1998. Since then, contractors in 45 states and Canada have adopted this concept as a HUGE productivity enhancing tool while eliminating trailers and trailer maintenance forever!

Today in Landscape Contractor Magazine and at the GIE in October 2016 we will be introducing the SR3200 Hydraulic Side Ramp available exclusively on Super Contractor Trucks. This innovative, advanced design keeps Super Lawn Technologies on the leading edge using technology to meet the needs today’s lawn and landscape industry demands.

Prevent theft with warehouse on wheels design. The SR3200’s solid steel, hydraulic design helps keep your equipment locked up like a vault. Any open landscape design invites thieves. A fully enclosed tool storage system keeps prying eyes and hands out!

Eliminate trailers with dump truck & side loading ramp. The SR3200 hydraulic ramp is small enough to be installed on the side of the SCT tool shed and tough enough to handle loading a dingo in the field. Dangerous, cumbersome trailers are eliminated. Organization and safety are just some of the leading benefits of utilizing the Super Contractor Truck design.

Crew of 7? Only need one truck! The ISUZU crew cab chassis allows up to 7 workers to be comfortably and quickly managed from job to job. A large crew paired with the Super Contractor Truck completes a team which can power through the toughest work schedule.

Seasonal color crew has room for flowers, soil, tools and debris. The Super Contractor Truck easily accommodates flowers and the tools needed to plant and maintain them. Flower and other plant racks easily mount inside the Super Contractor Truck tool shed to make each job flow quickly and smoothly.

Smart contractors are always on the leading edge of technology. Today’s high demands on the green industry means meeting them with organization and efficiency. The smartest contractors use every tool available to improve their abilities to get jobs done right the first time.


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