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Are You Still Bagging It?
      You Still Bagging It? The John Deere 717 model, a 48-in. commercial mower with a 19-hp, air-cooled Kawasaki gas engine, can be fitted with high-lift blade...
Author: Staff, Issue: LSMP - November 2005     View Comments

Lawn Mower Market To Grow
      Mower Market to Grow This John Deere hybrid greens mower is being marketed in Australia and New Zealand as well as other parts of the world. ...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - November 09, 2005     View Comments

LASN Stewardship September 2005
      ... to The Bonita Bay Group's Mary Briggs. Big Tree Landscaping, John Deere Landscapes, O'Donnell Landscaping, Dave Foote Environmental Construction, Marian Gardens Tree Farm, Palm Co., and Gro...
Author: Tina Matte, Gravina, Smith & Matte, Inc., Issue: LASN - November 2005     View Comments

McAfee Coliseum Tackles Both Baseball & Football
      ... Madeiros mows the outfield with the John Deere 2653A lawnmower, while Leo Valle cleans up the infield with the John Deere 220A lawnmower, a game day routine. ...
Author: By Larry Shield, Regional Editor, Issue: LSMP - November 2005     View Comments

College Of The Holy Cross
      ... cleats when mowing the grass on steeper slopes. They use John Deere JX85 21" walk-behind mowers with mulching kits to cut the Kentucky Blue Grass and Manhattan Rye mix. In the days bef...
Author: By Jenny Boyle, Regional Editor, Issue: LSMP - November 2005     View Comments

Sowing The Seeds: You Can Add Hydroseeding To Your Contracting Business
      ... produce a lush green lawn in a very short time. John Larson, of Clarkston, Wash.-based Apex Curb and Turf built this 4,000-gallon beauty, which is used for post-fire work and b...
Author: By Erik Skindrud, Regional Editor, Issue: LCN - November 2005     View Comments

Volunteers Renovate Soccer Field
      ... Currin, Greenscape Inc.; Ken Heltemes, Weed Man; Bill Klutho, John Deere; Mark Burgess, TruGreen. (Not pictured: John Deere Landscapes and Smith Turf & Irrigation). T...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - October 12, 2005     View Comments

Program To Provide Three Year Warranty For Select Nursery Stock
      ... for Select Nursery Stock Plant Health Care, Inc. and John Deere Landscapes have agreed to jointly roll out a program that provides a three year warranty for select nursery stock pla...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - September 14, 2005     View Comments

Project Evergreen Renovates North Carolina Soccer League
      ... support from Greenscape Inc., maintenance equipment from John Deere, sod, plant and irrigation materials from John Deere Landscapes, irrigation system consulting from Smith Turf & I...
Author: Staff, Issue: LOL - September 12, 2005     View Comments

Metrolink Plaza & Pedestrian Improvements
      Metrolink Plaza & Pedestrian ...
Author: By Larry Shield, Regional Editor, Issue: LOL - September 12, 2005     View Comments