Article : FASLA 2006 Charles M. Anderson

Profile: Charles Morris Anderson, FASLA

Company/academic title: Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture, Inc.

Education: Masters of Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, 1985 Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, BSLA, Washington State University, 1981

Years in the profession: 21

ASLA chapter:Washington State

Category: Works of Landscape Architecture

Most notable professional accomplishments:

1. Winning 4 consecutive design awards from ASLA is certainly at the top.

  • 2006 Tables of Water, Lake Washington, Wash.
  • 2005 Coldwater Visitor Center and Johnston Ridge Volcanic Observatory, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Washington
  • 2004 The Trillium Projects, Seattle, Wash.
  • 2003 Arthur Ross Terrace, American Museum of Natural History, New York, N.Y.
  • 2. Pioneering the importance of indigenous plants and systems (urban ecologies) in concert with highly stylized design expressions, is an accomplishment that just keeps getting more interesting as well as appropriate.

  • Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Wash.
  • Bellingham Art and Children’s Museum (Garden of the Ancients)
  • 3. The ability to seek and/or attract really talented collaborators is by far the most significant professional accomplishment.

    Thoughts on being elected to Council of Fellows: Growing up in North Dakota, the spirit of that stripped-to-essentials landscape was an ever-present force that connected me to my home. In my career, I have been fortunate to be mentored by kindred spirits—like Richard Haag, Peter Walker and Laurie Olin—who felt the same indefinable, cosmic upwelling lying just beneath our feet. As much as anything, this honor reflects the steady mentorship that these “distinguished designers” showed me as a younger designer that continues today. Without their influence, my office would not be the thriving design studio it is, filled with extraordinary collaborations with some of the leading designers and patrons of our generation. In their company and many other fellows I am humbled.

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