Article : FASLA 2005 Don Vaughan

Profile: Don Vaughan, ASLA

Company/academic title:Vaughan Landscape Planning and Design, president

Education:1958-65 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon,1989 Diploma in Fine Arts, Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC

Years in the profession:40

ASLA chapter:International

Category:Works of Landscape Architecture

Most notable professional accomplishments:

  • Although I take tremendous pride in the work that I have done in my career, I realize that it is not the significance of the projects that may someday be my legacy, but it has been the opportunity to mentor two generations of landscape architects. While maintaining a very strong philosophy, I allowed the staff to freely explore their own talents and in doing so, watched them grow rapidly into extremely capable designers who went on to form many of Vancouver's leading firms.

Thoughts on being elected to Council of Fellows:It is always an honor to be recognized by the peers in your own country, but it is a greater honor when that recognition comes from abroad. The ASLA has developed as an organization that has extended its efforts to become inclusive of landscape architecture throughout the world and in so doing has become an international standard bearer.

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