Article : “Bad Dog” Marks Its Territory at Orange County Museum of Art

“Bad Dog” Marks Its Territory at Orange County Museum of Art

Richard Jackson’s “Bad Dog” sculpture in front of the Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, Calif. is sort of the artist’s calling card for his retrospective exhibit at the museum through May 5, 2013.

Hey, it’s just what dogs do. You know the drill. You take the dog for a walk in the neighborhood, or is it the dog that takes you for a walk? Anyway, he, the dog, stops to lift his leg at the light pole, on a low planting wall and in various shrubs all along the route. The rest of the time he’s pulling on the leash to sniff out where other dogs have done the same.

Now cometh a 28-ft. tall black Labrador statue by Richard Jackson at the Newport Beach Orange County Museum of Art called “Bad Dog.” I’d call it “Mark,” for what it’s doing, and because one of our family dogs is named Mark.

P.S. This dog is designed to spray yellow paint on the museum wall.

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