Article : Power of 3D Design for Custom Residential Projects

Power of 3D Design for Custom Residential Projects

Provided by Structure Studios,
courtesy of Pavestone, LLC

Popular 3D Design Software

Land F/X
Nemetschek Vectorworks
Performance Planning System
VizTerra (includes Pavestone pavers)

An entire project can be designed, presented to a client and constructed with build-ready plans using 3D programs, such as those available from Structure Studios, VizTerra, Nemetschek, Vectorworks Designer or Land F/X. These programs allow designers the freedom to quickly adapt a design to response to a homeowner’s questions or concerns, even in the midst of a presentation. Specialty pavers, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and grills can be interchanged effortlessly.

Customers can experience key details like irrigation, lighting and site amenities before any construction begins, and change materials and styles as needed. The above mentioned 3D programs include materials from leading manufacturers to provide realism and extensive arrays of plants and features.

While a hand drawing or flat 2D design with product samples can be difficult for a homeowner to visualize on a large scale, interactive 3D presentations make it easy to compare features and materials. In today’s market, customers expect state-of-the-art 3D technology when planning outdoor living spaces.

Fully interactive 3D programs allow designers to take customers on a tour of the finished project before the first paver is ever laid. Designers can begin presentations at the customer’s back door, walking into the new outdoor living space from a familiar perspective to aid the simulation.

Photos of the area can be incorporated and used as a backdrop, so customers can examine potential features through their own kitchen windows. The initial 3D concept comes to life in the finished construction.

Selling an extensive custom outdoor living project to a homeowner who doesn’t understand the full value of design can be time-consuming and frustrating. Question: How can a landscape designer quickly and reliably engage a homeowner’s interest in a professional design? Answer: Present the project in vivid, interactive 3D, with design software built for landscape designers.

The benefits of a custom project can be lost if the homeowner doesn’t fully understand the design. Concerns over the selected materials or project costs can overwhelm a skeptical homeowner, creating doubts that may linger during the installation.

Presenting a custom-designed project with an interactive 3D program is a perfect opportunity to build a great relationship with the homeowner, and offer proof that the expertise of a designer is critical. The homeowner can walk through his own backyard and establish a connection with the project, and with the designer.

By previewing designs in photorealistic 3D, the homeowner can test-drive an outdoor living space and explore the special features and materials they have chosen. When homeowners can examine every feature in detail, they’ll see how the design suits their needs and their aesthetic desires. The homeowner will feel more comfortable spending money on an extensive custom project that will add value to their home.

Personalize Projects in Real Time
Using 3D programs like those from Structure Studios, VizTerra, Nemetschek, Vectorworks Designer or Land F/X, allow designers the freedom to quickly adapt a design to response to a homeowner’s questions or concerns, even in the midst of a presentation. Landscape designers can enlarge a patio or add a water feature, reveal details highlighted by a nighttime view or take a look at the complete design from the homeowner’s kitchen window.

The ease of editing 3D designs makes explaining the advantages of selected materials simple and tangible. Because homeowners are usually unfamiliar with the extensive options available, the ability to immediately demonstrate how a space will look with upgraded decorative pavers instead of concrete, or stone instead of brick, streamlines the decision-making process and helps the homeowner select the right materials for their project with confidence.

Most 3D design programs include an extensive library of fully realized 3D plants and trees, in addition to products from leading manufacturers. Providing options for an outdoor living project reveals the value of different landscaping and hardscaping possibilities, and clarifies the advantages of the design.

Designers can personalize a project so that the customer feels at home from the first moment they see the presentation. If the homeowner enjoys a particular view, a photo can be edited in using it as the background of the project. Software is also compatible with AutoCAD, so projects created in 2D can be quickly converted into animated, interactive 3D presentations for clients to connect with and explore. The designer can include the home in the design and begin the presentation at the homeowner’s back door, engaging their interest by walking them through the design from a familiar perspective.

Share Virtual Designs Virtually
Social media is shaping the way homeowners choose professional services, as homeowners use social networking sites to gather information and share images. Designers can take advantage by posting projects on YouTube for customers to review and discuss. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easy for homeowners to tell their stories to a wide audience immediately, and join the conversation about service professionals.

Richly detailed 3D designs are especially suited for posting on popular sites like Pinterest and Houzz, where users share visually compelling images. Homeowners who value the “show and tell” experience of their favorite social site can share their stories and experiences with the world, and will want to show off the perfect custom outdoor living project designed just for them.

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