Article : Troubleshoot Sprinkler Problems

Troubleshoot Sprinkler Problems

With summer's heat in full force, sprinkler systems must cover the lawn and landscape adequately. Irrigation problems will cause dry spots that may cause lawn or landscape damage. In reaction to hot spots, some contractors run the irrigation system longer to irrigate the dry spot. Unfortunately, this usually causes too much water near the sprinkler - the soil stays too wet, and the plants start to suffer. In most cases, running the irrigation system longer will also cause water to run off the property, eroding valuable topsoil and any fertilizer or pesticides recently applied.

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Top Tips For Identifying Irrigation Problems

Sprinkler head spraying water onto the sidewalk, driveway or road:
Fix: Do not water on windy days; pull up pop-up nozzle and turn nozzle in correct direction; replace nozzle with correct pattern.

Spray nozzle missing, not operating or has reduced water flow:
Fix: Check nozzle for damage or blockage; replace nozzle.

Poor distribution pattern:
Fix: Check for damage or blockage; increase or decrease throw by turning screw on top of nozzle.

Sprinkler head bubbling or gushing water out the top:
Fix: Replace cracked or broken nozzle.

Sprinkler head no longer straight up and down:
Fix: Reset pipe.

Sprinkler creates a cloud of mist usually caused by too much pressure:
Fix: Adjust pressure regulator.

Grass, shrubbery or tree blocking distribution pattern:
Fix: Either raise or lower riser; move sprinkler head.

Dry landscape areas or poor coverage:
Fix: Correct the distribution; maintain a mulch layer on all planted beds; aerate and add about 1/2 inch of compost to lawn area.

Water bubbling, dripping or gushing all the time:
Fix: Repair broken or leaking pipe or valve.

Runoff occurs before adequate water applied:
Fix: Soak and cycle-set this station to run 2 or 3 short times instead of one long time.

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