Article : 2011 TLE Speaker Casey Peters - Landscape Irrigation Sched.

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C.I.A. – Auditing Landscape Irrigation Scheduling - 2 CEU's - IA, PLANET Landscape Industry

Presented by Casey Peters, Heritage Custom Landscapes Inc.
Thursday October 13 - 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Course Description:

Hands on workshop held on the show floor. We will learn how to calculate a Irrigation Base Schedule from collected field data. Using software, we will build a schedule step by step considering plant factors, microclimate influences, system performance, root zone characteristics, and site scheduling limitations. Next, students we will learn how to implement, fine tune, and monitor the schedules for successful water management. Further discussion will include controllers, flow sensors, and flow management. Organized by Irrigator Tech.


Casey Peters currently works for Heritage Custom Landscapes, Inc. (CSLB #886931) of Alta Loma, California; a family owned and operated business which specializes in landscape water conservation for residential, commercial, and governmental agencies.

He was formerly employed by Hydropoint Data Systems, Inc., of Petaluma as a Product Specialist and troubleshooter for their weather based irrigation controller projects across the United States. His expertise in irrigation science, flood mitigation management, and project supervision helped a wide customer base.

A 2004 graduate of CSU, Pomona, B.S., Landscape Irrigation Science and Water Management, he is a Certified Water Auditor, AWWA California/Nevada Section Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester, and Smart Water Certified Manager. Additionally, he serves as Vice President of Heritage Custom Landscapes, Inc., a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise/Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, and active with CLCA, Inland Empire/Southern California. Those desiring contact with Casey may contact him at (951) 966-5090.

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