Article : Ditch Witch All Terrain Air Hammer Released

Ditch Witch All Terrain Air Hammer Released

Compatible with the Ditch Witch JT4020 All Terrain and JT100 All Terrain directional drills, the All Terrain Air Hammer quickly and cost-effectively cuts through the hardest rock.
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Ditch Witch® All Terrain directional drills are so named because they perform in the widest range of ground formations, from mixed hard soil to cobble to solid rock. Equipped with the All Terrain Air Hammer, the production is extended into the hardest rock category. More important, the Air Hammer expands productivity.

Advanced technology enables the All Terrain Air Hammer to continuously drill as it is being steered, an exclusive drill feature that results in superior productivity; other air hammers require stopping the drill rotation to change directions.

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June 24, 2016, 11:18 pm EST

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