Article : Exmark Creates an Engine Oil for Mowers

Exmark Creates an Engine Oil for Mowers

Exmark Premium covers a broad range of products and viscosity requirements. If you’re concerned about what SAE grade is right for your engine, this oil has both SAE 30 and SAE 10W-30 in one bottle.
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Seeing the need for oil specific to the lubrication requirements of the mower, Exmark decided to develop its own Exmark-branded engine oil. The oil is formulated to deliver everything a mower needs. It’ll help boost performance and, along with regular maintenance, it’ll help extend the life of the machine.

It contains zinc and phosphorus for increased lubricity. These elements effectively plate to metal surfaces in your engine to create a protective barrier. There’s no Viscosity Index Improvers nor VI improvers to shear down in prolonged heat. It has synthetic formulation and is far more stable and robust than inexpensive oil from your local auto parts store or big retail outlet.

For gas and diesel, it’s compatible. One product has many applications and anti-corrosion additives. It protects your investment during long-term storage. It’s API ‘SL’ and JASO rated with wet clutch compatibility.

Exmark engineers considered several key risk factors when it comes to protecting your engine. All of these elements require at least one of the following: detergency, dispercancy and anti-wear additives. Without them, here’s what can happen: excessive wear; build up of deposits behind the rings forces them against the cylinder; deposit build up; preventing ring movement; effective sealing and leading to ring sticking; lacquer; film of unstable oil/fuel residue on piston skirt; ring sticking.

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