Article : Premixed Gas and Oil Fuel for 2-Cycle Engine Equipment

Premixed Gas and Oil Fuel for 2-Cycle Engine Equipment

Available in both 50:1 and 40:1 gas:oil ratios, 50FUEL and 40FUEL have precise oil-to-gas blends that eliminate the need for mixing gas and oil – saving time, hassle and mess. Users can simply open the cans and pour the product into their equipment.

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Treat your landscape maintenance equipment well and it will take care of your business. In addition to the convenience benefit, 50FUEL and 40FUEL are ethanol-free and benzene-free – protecting the two-cycle engine from the corrosive nature of ethanol and ensuring peak performance that lasts.

TruSouth Oil has manufactured of one of the nation’s first-ever premixed gas and oil fuels for 2-cycle engine equipment, such as weed eaters or leaf blowers. This product can extend your equipment’s quality of life.

Do you pump it full of ethanol-laden gas, which corrodes and prevents it from reaching its full potential? Do you painstakingly measure the ratio of gas to oil before filling? Do you follow the owner’s manual letter by letter?

Optimizing performance: 50FUEL and 40FUEL are engineered fuels designed to optimize the performance of 2-cycle engines to start easier, run more efficiently and last longer. The patent-pending formulation starts with a special stream of high-octane fuel that is very different from gasoline from the gas station, and developed for exclusive use in 50FUEL and 40FUEL.

Difficulty in starting a 2-cycle engine is usually a result of poor fuel and plug fouling, not the equipment itself. Technical specifications for vapor pressure and octane have been perfected with 50FUEL and 40FUEL, and a synthetic lubricant burns cleaner and reduces plug fouling to optimize performance of 2-cycle engines.

A precise oil-to-gas ratio guarantees the correct blend and eliminates the need for mixing proper ratios of gas and oil. There are no messy funnels, cleaning up dirty spills or guessing the right fuel to oil ratio. Additionally, there are no more unnecessary trips to the gas station or running out of fuel in the middle of a job. Users can simply pour the fuel into their weed eaters, leaf blowers or chainsaws.

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