Article : Landscape Architecture Practice Act for Washington State

Landscape Architecture Practice Act for Washington State

Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire’s signature on SB 5273 makes Washington the 45th state to legislate a practice act for landscape architects.

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Washington State Gov. Christine Gregoire has signed into law SB 5273 on May 6, 2009. The law upgrades the state’s licensing law for landscape architects from a title act to a practice act and expands the practice of landscape architecture in the state to include the preparation of construction documents and construction administration.

The state’s title act was legislated in 1969, so it’s been a long road to a practice act.

This marks the 45th practice act and the 15th state to establish a practice act since the start of the ASLA’s “50 by 2010” licensure campaign. There remains only four states with only a title act (Wisconsin, Illinois, Mass. and Maine). Vermont, a true “renegade,” is the only state without any landscape architecture licensing law.

The Washington state legislation was sponsored by state senators Murray, Jacobsen, McDermott, Franklin and Kohl-Welles.

The practice of landscape architecture, as before, is restricted to those licensed to practice in the state by the Washington State Board of Registration for Landscape Architects. The board consists of four landscape architects and one member of the public, all appointed by the governor.

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