Article : President Visits U.S. Mower Factory

President Visits U.S. Mower Factory

As Bill Wright, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Wright Manufacturing, Inc., looks on, President Bush stands on a "Stander" lawn mower in its final testing stage on Jan. 18, during his visit to the Frederick, Md. facility.
White House photos by Joyce N. Boghosian

President George W. Bush visited a Maryland lawnmower factory in mid-January to speak about the administration’s new economic growth policy. The Wright Manufacturing, Inc. plant provided a welcome backdrop—American workers making American products on U.S. soil.


President Bush recognized the entrepreneurial efforts of the company’s founder, Bill Wright in his opening remarks. “This man started his own business,” the President said. “He’s a manufacturer, he employs over a hundred people, and he represents the backbone of our economy.”

Wright began manufacturing an all-steel grass catcher more than twenty years ago. More recently, they have introduced stand-on mowers.

President Bush

President George W. Bush greets an employee of Wright Manufacturing, Inc. during his visit in mid-January.

According to Bill Wright, “It was an honor to be chosen by the White House for this special event. Everyone from our engineers and salespeople to our manufacturing team has worked hard to build an ethical, innovative and customer-focused company. Their dedicated efforts are the reason why we were selected.”

While touring the Wright facility, the President took the time to meet with employees. Wright COO, Shawn Wolf, observed, “The President let us know right away that he wanted to meet our people and learn about our business. He showed genuine interest in everyone he met.”

Mr. Wolf added, “While stopping in front of the company’s plasma/punch steel cutting machine, Bill Wright explained that the company was able to purchase the machine in part because of a 2001 tax relief package. The purchase allowed the company to build prototypes in house and drastically improved the efficiency of production.”

Mr. Bush ended the tour by riding Wright’s popular stand-on mower, the Stander. From the platform of the Stander, the President spoke to the press about the need for an economic growth package. In a final nod to Wright, he said, “I love people who have a dream and work hard to achieve it.”


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