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MPA Design

MPA Design is a landscape architectural and urban design firm with a 37-year history, more than 1,000 projects and over 105 design awards. Michael Painter, FASLA, is the founder and president.

The firm's work spans the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Asia, including park, plaza, streetscape, lake and fountain design, to corporate, resort, pedestrian/bicycle circulation, parking/vehicular circulation, transportation facility, campus and community design. Master planning, site analysis, programming and construction documentation are provided by the San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices. The registered landscape architects for the firm are Michael Painter FASLA, Gerald Kawamoto, David Nelson and Richard Alcina. The firm has 13 employees.

Campbell Community Center & Heritage Theater, Campbell

The Heritage Theater and reflection pool plaza are the focal point of the redesigned 22-acre site. The 700-seat Heritage Theater is served by 762-car parking lot, two drop off areas and formal entry plaza. John F. Kennedy College and library adjoin the theater. The stadium bleachers seat 1,500 and are built into a landscaped slope. The theater is for musical and theatrical programs and the annual for an all-day music festival. Collaboration with a local artist resulted in uplighted, multicolored glass balls that float on the pool's reflective surface.

Genentech Campus, South San Francisco

MPA Design, in collaboration with Genentech and its architects, established a unique campus look for this South San Francisco site. The wind-sheltered central courtyards have outdoor seating areas, walkways linked to nearby recreation areas, and provisions for shuttle buses and bicycles. A California coastal landscape palette, site furnishings, details, outdoor lighting, colors and textures of concrete, paving and walls, precast paving and green and black banding help unify the building types.

Kaiser Permanente, Antioch

Four alternative master plans were developed for this 70-acre site over an 11 year period. MPA used a 75-degree angle parking layout for safety and efficiency. This reduced the amount of asphalt and walking distances, while expanding room for landscapes. A series of "outdoor rooms" define the landscape and parking lot with trees and topography. Westside parking lots and walkways aligned with the view of Mt. Diablo.

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