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WASHINGTON, D.C.--The third annual Licensure Summit will be held June 4-6, 2004. Previously the summit was held in November, but to avoid conflicts with the ASLA annual meeting and other fall events, this meeting and subsequent summits will take place in the summer.

No location has been finalized, but it is expected to take place in New England. The four target states in that region are Vermont, New Hampshire (neither has licensure), Maine or Massachusetts (both have title acts).

The Licensure Summit is the cornerstone of the "ASLA 50 by 2010" licensure campaign to see practice act licensure enacted in every state and the District of Columbia by the year 2010. It serves as an important opportunity for each member organization of the Partnership for the Advancement of Licensure--ASLA, CLARB, and CELA--to share expertise and promote their common goals of advancing licensure and advancing the profession of landscape architecture.

Attendance at the third summit will mirror previous years where ASLA chapters will select one person from each state to attend the summit, and ASLA national will contribute air/hotel costs for those representatives.

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