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Iowa State University's Department of Landscape Architecture and the non-profit organization, Trees Forever, are offering a landscaping service to select Iowan communities with less than 10,000 people.

Twelve communities with no design and planning will be chosen by the Iowa Department of Transportation, landscape architects, and Trees Forever field coordinators and ISU from all applicants. These communities will then participate in a planning process to devise and implement improvements in their towns, transportation corridors, and parks.

The ISU Architecture Department will coordinate meetings with design professionals, students, computer-aided visualizations, and will facilitate on-site community workshops.

Trees Forever field coordinators will give guidance and aid the planning process.

Areas that qualify for the program will demonstrate a need for assistance, and will have support from the community in the way of $1000 or an in-kind match, and will submit a quality application.

Applications are available from Trees Forever at 800-294-3721 and must be post marked by October 15, 2003.


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