August 1, 2003 PHOENIX, AZ.--The Lawn & Garden division of EnviroEdge in Huntington Beach, Ca., has acquired Edge-a-Lawn, Inc., in Jacksonville, NC, maker of the Edge-a-Lawn and Speedy Weeder garden tools. The products are sold nationally in retail stores; the Edge-a-Lawn is a popular seller on home shopping channels. This is EnviroEdge's third acquisition this year. "This year's acquisitions will significantly enhance our product presence in this market," predicted Dana MacKay, company president. EnviroEdge products include the WeedEx Weed Stick (an herbicide wand to kill weeds); NatureScape fencing (twig-like wood fiber screens); SolidSlat and Wood Weave (fencing slats); wood-like edging (to create garden and lawn separation); and; Creekside (copper fountains).

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