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National Park Service's Congestion Management Toolkit
Available for Free Online

National Park Service's Congestion Management Toolkit

Pictured is a National Park ranger directing traffic at Yellowstone's northern entrance. This photo was taken on June 26, 2017, during one of the busiest months of the year for Yellowstone.

A while back, the National Park Service released the "Congestion Management Toolkit" with the purpose of supplying a comprehensive list of congestion mitigation techniques used to alleviate specific problems and issues experienced in the National Park system.

There are 59 key features found within the toolkit and each one includes: implementation considerations, cost and financial information, examples of where the tool has been used before, pros and cons, and expected outcomes based on previous applications.

Examples of key features are entrance stations, parking lots, road capacity, automated gates and more. The highly comprehensive toolkit spans 192-pages and can be accessed absolutely free via the National Park Service's website.

The toolkit is mainly aimed at land planners, decision makers, and national park rangers; however, it has some valuable information for smaller scaled projects like city parks.

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