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Southern CA ASLA Encourages Documentary Attendance
Film Explores Work of a Founding Member of ASLA

Southern CA ASLA Encourages Documentary Attendance

In 1938, landscape architect Beatrix Farrand joined the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden Board. She collaborated with head designer Lockwood de Forest until his death in 1949. Farrand then became the master planner for the Garden.

Southern CA ASLA Encourages Documentary Attendance

This meadow, located in the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, rests at the base of Cathedral Peak.

Southern California ASLA is inviting its members to attend a local screening of the documentary, The Life and Gardens of Beatrix Farrand, directed by six-time Emmy award-winning Karyl Evans. The documentary highlights the work of Beatrix Farrand, the most successful female landscape architect of early 20th century America and one of the founders of the ASLA. The short film chronicles Farrand's fight to find her place in the male-dominated world of landscape architecture and celebrates her 50-year career.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, which was co-designed by Farrand herself, will host two screenings of the film on November 11, one at 10 a.m. and one at 1 p.m. Screenings are free to attend; however, registration is required. The screenings will be held in the Blaksley Library on the grounds of the Garden.

To register for one of the film screenings, visit

To learn more about the documentary or to purchase the film, visit

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