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Pedestrian/Cycling Bridge, Irvine, Calif.
Lighting Design by StudioK1


Small square step lights regularly spaced within the wood paneling of the bridge's guardrails cast light on the walking surface for additional safety for pedestrian and bicycle travelers.

To unify several new family-oriented neighborhoods and connect an extensive trail system in Irvine, Calif., a pedestrian/cycling bridge was developed to span a major boulevard that divides the developments. Breaking from the tradition of classic train-style bridges used elsewhere in the city, the team strove to create an iconic element that would inspire awe visually while making the overcrossing experience more exciting.

Hidden linear LED RGBW fixtures by Lumenpulse wash the inside of each structure with colored light. Full color changing fixtures provides infinite flexibility for the appearance across the bridge, using DMX controllers. The team decided to keep things simple, however, and not regularly change color, rather, choosing impactful colors, changing them only for holidays and special events.



Steel paneled columns created a series of gateways on the Irvine, Calif., pedestrian/bike bridge. Hidden linear LED RGBW fixtures are mounted on the gateways below the guardrails to wash the interior walls of the gateways with colored lights. The top image is the view to the south; the lower image is the view to the north.

Enhancing the main structural elements of a bridge, a series of gateways were created by steel paneled columns. The gateways increase in stature to build excitement as users travel toward the center of the development and the expansive sporting complex at its core.

Lighting the interior of the metal structures without visible lighting fixtures showing provided a challenge to the team, as well as a study in the nature of lighting. Initial designs featured a recessed product between the bridge guardrail and the interior face of the gateway. As constructability and cost came into perspective, the available space was reduced, requiring the fixtures to be relocated to prevent hard shadows from the guardrail on the overhead surface. Many view studies and calculations were performed to determine the final mounting location.

Eventually, the fixtures were mounted on the gateway below the guardrail and hidden from view. Calculations were used to experiment with fixture optical packages to get the most uniform lighting, vertically, horizontally and within the gateway.


The large specimen evergreen trees are up lit with ingrade fixtures and landscape bullet lights, which give the landscape a presence without producing unwanted lighting distractions for drivers on the nearby roadway. Walkway lighting on either side of the bridge was provided 'UrbanScape' poles.

All of this visual interest was balanced by the city of Irvine's strict safety standards for outdoor lighting. The system was mocked up to full scale to ensure that all of the components would meet the vision of the owner, FivePoint. Small square step lights (Lucifer Lighting) are regularly spaced within the wood paneling of the bridge's guardrail to cast light on the walking surface. Walkway lighting on either side of the bridge was provided by Philips Lumec 'UrbanScape' poles. Lithonia floodlights wash the outside facades of the gateways. Lumascape in-grade fixtures and HeviLite landscape bullets uplight the adjacent specimen trees.

With a simple, elegant lighting scheme, the new neighborhoods have an iconic element that promotes walking and bicycling, encouraging healthy, active families.

Project Team
Owner/Developer: FivePoint
Lighting Designer: StudioK1
Landscape Architect: BrightView Design Group/Clark and Green
Architect: Ware Malcomb
Electrical Engineer: tk1sc
General Contractor: Powell Constructors, Inc.
Electrical Contractor: Hunsaker & Associates Irvine, Inc.

As seen in LASN magazine, April 2018.

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