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New Standard for Concrete Paving Joint Filler

ASTM International has published a standard for a new material used as an expansion joint filler for sidewalks, driveways, curbs, and other concrete construction. Labeled D8139 - 17, the specification is for a semi-rigid, closed-cell polypropylene foam that has suitable compressibility, recovery from compression, is non-extruding and weather-resistant. To purchase the standard, contact ASTM International's customer relations (877-909-ASTM or


Permeable Pavement Features Put to the Test

In assessments to determine the factors that most affect stormwater runoff reduction in areas where permeable pavement is installed, the results cited the hydraulic conductivity of the subgrade as one of the most influential. Also it was found that in the long run, permeable pavement performed better in a relatively drier climate; reducing 90% of runoff compared to 70% in a relatively wetter climate. These conclusions could help in the design and implementation of permeable pavement.


Refining the Look of Polished Concrete

The Concrete Polishing Council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors has released revisions to two charts - Polished Concrete Aggregate Exposure Chart and the Polished Concrete Appearance Chart. Changes to the Aggregate Exposure Chart, which were precipitated by concerns that contractors were not cutting into the floor deep enough to reveal the proper sized aggregate, eliminates the medium aggregate surface exposure, and the approximate surface cut depths for all classes. The revised Polished Concrete Appearance Chart now bases final appearance on Distinctness-of-Image and haze index instead of on the finished gloss of the floor, which many believed could be easily manipulated.

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February 17, 2019, 11:17 pm PST

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