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FASLA Herbert Dreiseitl, 2017


FASLA Herbert Dreiseitl, inducted 2017

Firm: Rambøll's Liveable Cities Lab and Atelier Dreiseitl, Uberlingen, Germany

ASLA Election Year: 2017

Category: Works

Herbert Dreiseitl, of Ramb?ll's Liveable Cities Lab and Atelier Dreisetl, received his nomination for 'Works' from the Council of Fellows Executive Committee. Herbert's career is grounded in formal art, craft and water. His first design foray was a garden and fountain for the blind, which allowed the sightless to touch and feel the beauty of plants and stone and listen to the rhythmic dynamics of water. His works have concentrated on reconnecting with nature, skillfully crafting beautiful places. His work has expanded naturally into landscape architecture for public squares, plazas, parks and citywide strategies that address weather extremes and climate change. With a comprehensive understanding of water in nature and the built environment he has developed a broad palette of living technologies for storm water cleansing and infiltration that he applies worldwide.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2017, Fellows.

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