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FASLA Michael Blier, 2017


FASLA Michael Blier, inducted 2017

Firm: Landworks Studio, Inc., Boston

ASLA Election Year: 2017

Category: Works

Michael Blier, of Landworks Studio, received his nomination for 'Works' by the Boston Society. With more than three decades in practice and academia, Michael brings deep devotion to design excellence and the advancement of landscape architecture as a design profession. His firm embodies a collaborative culture--the root of his success as a designer--with research as a staple of the work. As a published author with a panoply of awards it is common to find his work studied in the curriculum of the world's top design schools. His early creations presented refreshingly atypical use of natural elements, technology and materials. His aesthetic evolution continues with highly nuanced visual vigor that challenges typical designs. His legacy will be his remarkable track record of cultivating young, talented designers.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2017, Fellows.

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