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Green Industry Companies Pledge Help to Harvey Victims
Caterpillar Promises $300,000; BullBag Corporation Forms Disaster Team to Aid in the Cleanup


The BullBag(R) is a lightweight, reusable dumpster bag that can be set up easily, holds up to 2 1/4 tons, and is designed for debris removal by, among other industries, insurance restoration, disaster cleanup and construction.

As the news continues to expose the historically dreadful conditions clone rolex sea dweller watches wrought by one of the worst storms to ever make landfall in the U.S., offers of aid to the victims in Texas and possibly nearby states thankfully carry on.

Two of the latest are from manufacturers whose products are used in the landscaping field - Caterpillar, which needs little introduction, and Bullbag Corporation, the originator of The BullBag(R), "The Reusable Dumpster Bag(R)."

In a statement released by that company, they are readying their "teams to head out to Texas in the upcoming days to provide disaster support and cleanup efforts for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey," having much experience with these types of situations as they are "rapidly becoming the go-to means of debris removal for insurance restoration, disaster cleanup (and) contractors."

The company's products are reusable dumpster bags that weigh less than 15 pounds, are immediately ready to be used, and hold up to 2 1/4 tons.

"Sadly, the entire BullBag Corporation and I are unfortunately familiar with disaster relief support, having been one of the first responders to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy," company founder and CEO Paul DiSpazio says; adding he hopes their "presence and immediate efforts might bring some peace to those so negatively impacted by Mother Nature."

Caterpillar's donation, offered through its foundation, will be made to the American Red Cross to immediately help them with their efforts.

"This is a devastating storm, and our hearts go out to the millions affected, including the thousands of Caterpillar employees in Texas along with their families," says company CEO Jim Umpleby. "We know from decades of partnership with the Red Cross that this organization is unmatched at swiftly putting relief donations to work in the areas they're needed most."

Besides the cash commitment, the rescue and recovery efforts will be aided by generators provided by the company's dealers across the nation, including three in Texas.

"We are in close contact with them as they first provide for the safety of their employees," Umpleby reassures.

He continues that the company has already, "begun sending power generation equipment from other parts of the country to the storm-ravaged areas, and started staging equipment for the cleanup efforts that will soon come."

Reportedly, another partner of the company, First Response Team of America, is also on its way to the impacted areas.

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January 24, 2019, 1:39 am PST

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