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Parklets--Modular Streetscape Add-ons
Parklets would seem to afford designers with a creative way to further activate a streetscape.


Dero 'Parklets' come in 8-feet long modular decking units made of a recycled paper-based fiber composite. This one, installed in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, shows the unit with stainless steel cables and powder-coated steel railings. Loll Designs provided the furnishings.
Photo: Dero

The Dero Parklet is an innovative means for businesses or organizations with limited sidewalk space to extend their presence in the streetscape with a small gathering space. The Parklet's modular design is a galvanized steel frame and recycled paper-based fiber composite decking, making it convenient to put together and disassemble. Once assembled, it's just a matter of what's going on it and arranging the space. The manufacturer says these little urban spaces have the durability to last through all seasons. Of course, the Parklet can also be an ad hoc add-on that meets the needs of a specific event, and is dismantled afterward.

"Parklet programs are gaining popularity throughout North America," says Andy Lageson, vp and general manager of Dero. "San Francisco has over 40 Parklets, and Minneapolis piloted a program in 2014 and expanded it in 2015." He sees these modular units as helping designers create aesthetic public spaces that enhance street life and increase foot traffic for local businesses.


This 'Parklet' was set up at the 2016 Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place Conference in Vancouver, B.C., to showcase the ease of creating these compact, useful public spaces. The Parklet was removed after the end of the conference. Photo: Dero

Parklets would seem to afford designers with a creative way to further activate a streetscape. The modular decking and galvanized steel frame can be further enhanced with optional powder coated railings. Logical additions to Parklets might be seating, tables, planters, art works, bike racks...or just about anything imaginable.

The Parklet comes in 8-ft. long modular decking units, but the widths can be customized, depending on city ordinances. There is also a ramp on the front of the decking to create a smooth transition from curb to deck. Installation is deemed "easy" by the manufacturer, and can be assembled on site with included hardware and leveling feet for street grade adjustments.

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As seen in LASN magazine, August 2017.

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