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ALLU Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit
Competitor's Screening/Crushing Bucket Was Culprit


In a recently settled lawsuit, Rock Tools admitted that their RTB20 screening/crushing bucket infringed on two patents owned by ALLU Finland, and will permanently cease and desist in the design, manufacturing and marketing of that model.

The ALLU Group, manufacturers of screening, crushing and soil stabilizing equipment and attachments recently announced that they had settled a patent infringement lawsuit against Rock Tools Equipment, LLC, and Rock Tools Attachments, LLC, of Greenwood Village, Colorado. was told that knowledge of the concern first came to light during a recent trade show where several of the plaintiff's employees saw a screening/crushing bucket on display in the defendant's booth, and realized it was an exact copy of their patented design. Company president Ola Ulmala, vice president of process equipment Fredrik Dromberg, and USA president Edgar J. Chavez approached the other company's management and requested that they cover the display. After not receiving cooperation in the matter, their company filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey in late March.

In the settlement, the defendant admits that its model RTB20 infringes upon the patents in question. The company will permanently cease and desist in designing, manufacturing, or marketing any screening and crushing buckets that infringe upon the patents at issue. The company also will remove descriptions and images of the disputed products from its website and social media pages

A representative of the plaintiff company stated to, "The technology behind our material processing attachments took years to develop. We hold patents for this technology not only in the United States, but also within countries across the globe, which grant us the exclusive right to manufacture and sell products that incorporate our inventions. The infringement of our patented technology will not be tolerated."

Chavez added, "We appreciate the cooperation shown by (the defendant) in resolving this lawsuit amicably."

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August 20, 2017, 9:43 pm PDT

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