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Lending A Helping Hand
Gachina Landscape Gives Back To Community Partner


Gachina Landscape partnered with a trade association, a public charity and community volunteers to renovate the landscape for JobTrain, a Menlo Park, Calif., nonprofit offering education and job training to the needy. Twenty-three volunteers, crew and management-level employees removed all existing plant material and replaced them with drought-tolerant plants, adjusted the irrigation system as needed and top-dressed the appropriate areas with mulch.


The late John P. Gachina, founder of Gachina Landscape, had a long relationship with JobTrain that continues to this day. He partnered with them for over two decades, helping sponsor many events throughout the years. All labor, materials (plant, mulch, irrigation parts) and equipment to perform this renovation, were provided free of charge by his company.

In April of 2017, Gachina Landscape Management partnered with the International Facility Management Association Silicon Valley, and the Guidance, Resources, Opportunities and Work Organization (GROW), to renovate the landscape for a nonprofit and longtime partner, JobTrain, an organization that helps the needy reclaim their lives and pull themselves up from poverty and unemployment by preparing them for successful, sustainable careers in high-demand and emerging fields.

The organization's main drive is to improve the lives of people in their community. They do this through assessment, attitude and job skills, and training and high potential job placement. Gachina has partnered with the organization on projects for over 25 years and has been involved in Rebuilding Together projects with IFMA SV since 2008.

Prior to the renovations, the existing plant material had been in place for over 10 years and needed to be replaced. Gachina employees and volunteers, 23 in total, removed all of the existing softscape and replaced it with drought-tolerant plant life. The team renovated both sides of the front entrance and entry pathway from the sidewalk to the facility. The new plants, donated and installed by the contractor, are water-wise and give the facility a fresh look while reducing water consumption. The crew also adjusted the irrigation and added a layer of mulch to finish off the project. Other improvements to the nonprofit's facilities included minor construction, electrical, flooring and painting.

In total, Gachina Landscape provided all of the labor and materials for the renovation, a total valued at over $16,000. For more information visit

As Seen in the August 2017 Issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine

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