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Cool . . . Cool . . . Water
George Schmok, Publisher


The one place where you want to avoid the water. :-) Pictured is a foursome at the 35th CLASS Fund Gold Tournament in Newport Beach, Calif. CLASS Fund offers scholarships to California undergraduate or graduate students in landscape architecture, ornamental horticulture or irrigation science programs. From left: Rick Simons, city of Costa Mesa; yours truly; Don Clark and Justin Smith, both with Signature Irrigation Control Systems. Note: The Mustang behind the players was from Ken Grody Ford, the hole-in-one sponsor. (No one won the Mustang.)

Coming to you from Calgary, Alberta, Canada where the Schmoks are getting together for a family reunion, going to the Calgary Stampede, celebrating Canada's 150th birthday and enjoying a land of abundant . . . Water.

Being a Cali boy, it makes me jealous. I mean, just last year washing your car was almost a felony. Of course now the drought is "over" in California, but that only means the next drought is on its way. Heaven forbid, though, that we put a priority on enhancing the water storage and delivery capabilities of the state . . . No . . . We need a super fast train linking SoCal with NorCal way more than we need water.

When Trump pulled us (or should I say 'the' US) out of the Paris Climate Accord* the great governor of California (and several other governors and mayors across the nation) said they were going to honor the accord regardless . . . Oh yeah . . . Except of course, the part about having to pay into the international fund. So does that mean they actually agree with Trump that the concept is cool, but the deal was bad? After all, the accord was really more of a code, which anyone familiar with the Pirates of the Caribbean knows means it's really more like guidelines . . .

Whatever you feel about the climate, one thing is for certain . . . America is by far the world leader in clean air and clean water technology (Flint, Michigan aside), and the members of the original Green Industry . . . That's You . . . Are by far the most conscientious users of water on the planet.

Every day this industry/profession takes strides to use water as efficiently as possible to enhance the environment. Every day something else is learned about the landscape that saves or optimizes this precious resource. You are the best at applying it precisely, filtering it naturally, percolating it evenly, capturing it, reusing it, decorating it, and even using its sounds to soothe the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

So as summer kicks into high gear, and the skiing continues at Mammoth Mountain, grab a cool glass of water and guzzle it, knowing that you are a part of the solution to clean water. Your efforts are valiant and your rewards are seen on the faces of everyone out there enjoying the landscape . . .

God Bless . . .
George Schmok, Publisher

*When President Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord, we asked a random list of landscape architects for their reaction. We received more than 100 replies in a matter of hours. Visit and type in Paris Accord in the article search to view the entire, unedited set of responses.

As seen in LASN magazine, July 2017, Publisher's Letter.

February 17, 2019, 11:13 pm PST

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