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One of the recent questions of the month was: Have you increased or do you plan on increasing the size of your workforce this season and if so, by how many full-time and part-time employees? Only one of the respondents said no. Everyone else indicated that they were adding employees - from one to five full-time workers and up to six part-time.

As for the most important business issues that Congress should tackle:
"California environmental requirements for landscape contractors such as wattle straw barriers that have to be used before and during landscape installation (especially in Southern California, which received less than 10 inches of rain in one year), costing the contractors and homeowners money."

"Taxes, overzealous E.P.A., gasoline blends, and taxes."

"Undo regulations that hamper business."

"Pay for single moms - not for fathers in the home."

"Climate (so-called) change. The sun controls the weather, not man."

"Don't do the overzealous ideology thing (they) love to do. Only do those things that actually benefit most Americans - not just the top one percent. Do no harm!"

"Enact laws to protect small business owners and employees."

"Prevent global warming!"

"Young Americans too lazy to do manual work."

More comments regarding the outcome of last fall's elections:
"State and local taxes may impact business but federal lowering of taxes will free up money for investment and improvement of infrastructures and aesthetics of properties."

"It should be easier to get quality employees since the economy will be destroyed."

"We now have a President who makes the United States of America first. Thank you President Trump."

"How can it be worse?"

"If Trump does what he says he will, business should be better."

"Promises, promises, wait and see. All we can do is hope and keep dreaming."

"I really believe it will benefit us in the long run."

"Things will be so good now that the socialist/communist is out of there. The 'snowflakes' don't have a clue."

"I do not see much change happening unless bank rates increase a lot."

As seen in the June 2017 issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine

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