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Time to Develop Your Entertainment Skills
Summer Is Here


Project: Richard Cohen Landscape & Construction, Inc.

Well Summer is here, and what better way to kick off the summer than with an issue dedicated to Outdoor Living . . .

A few years ago, the biggest trend we saw for custom residential was adding a stream or some form of running water to the back yard. Rock ledge pools and pondless waterfalls were all the rage. And while water is, and will probably always be, a popular addition to the built landscape (and is also the cover theme of next month's July Issue), there has been a change in recent years from owners wanting a showcase landscape to the owners wanting a showcase entertainment center as well.

Fortunately for Landscape Contractors, the skillsets for both are definitely in your wheelhouse. However, for those of you who specialize in plantings, lighting and water features, now would be a great time to develop your crew to include things like pergola building, fire feature installations, kitchen cabinetry assembly and working with pavers and veneers.

To the latter point, in doing the research for the article on grout (page 14) we found that many manufacturers hold classes on the proper selection and installation techniques involving their products. Sure . . . It's not all rocket science and many of you buy the most available products and just "get'er done." But there are definitely right and wrong reasons to choose certain products and right and wrong ways to install them. Choose the wrong sand and your permeable pavers become runoff corridors. Choose the wrong sealer or grout, or just install them incorrectly and three years down the road your showcase project becomes a Yelp nightmare.

Now, for those of you who don't have, or don't wish to acquire the aforementioned skills, you may want to turn to page 40, which tells a story about the benefits of developing sub-contractor relationships. We see many projects where subs are used and many times they are your peers . . . Just with different skillsets. In fact, your specialty may allow you to expand into the world of subcontracting.

So whether you are a master of all things built in the landscape or one who is yet to embrace the newest trends in residential projects, it will definitely pay to do the research, take the classes, add the crew or find the subs, because outdoor entertainment centers are a trend that will be here for some time to come . . .

God Bless . . .

George Schmok, Publisher

As seen in the June 2017 issue of Landscape Contractor Magazine

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