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A Letter to The Publisher
A Concerned Reader's Take On A Hot Debate


A letter to the publisher from a concerned reader . . .

Dear Mr. Schmok,

I was amazed to read about what the California Architectural Student Scholarship Fund (CLASS) does with its money. In their wisdom they awarded a grant to "Prof. Volk and his research team" for their project "Incorporating Climate Change into Landscape Architecture Project and Practice."

It is a fact that long before men walked this earth the climate "changed," and long after we are gone from this earth climate will probably continue to change. There is a saying in Maine that if you do not like the weather, wait ten minutes and then go out again, chances are the climate will be different. As a matter of fact, this Friday the temperatures reached above 80 degrees, on Saturday it was above 60 and it rained, and today it is cloudy and around 50 degrees.

Then again it could be that out there, there is a landscape architect tinkering with the climate (maybe Prof. Volk?).

When the global warming alarmists did not find that the earth is actually warming they simply changed the name of their narrative (religion?) to "Climate Change." That surely covers every thing: if it is hot, cold, rainy, windy, snowy, it is then "Climate change." You could add to that earthquakes and the election of President Trump.

Is there anybody who remembers that in the early 1970s the prediction was that an ice age is coming? What happened with this prediction?

I would think that landscape architects would prefer to engage themselves with creating beautiful landscapes that conserve energy and water rather than chasing imaginary squirrels named "climate change" or "global warming" for that matter.

Irrigation Consultant (Retired)

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May 23, 2019, 4:46 am PDT

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