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Fuel Tax Increases on Many State Legislatures' Agendas
Propane, Ethanol, Taxes and More


Tax-averse states and some that have gone decades without raising fuel taxes are among those that are looking to do so according to Reuters, which reported that 21 legislatures are planning to at least approach the issue. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials says that the proposals follow years of public discussion and that in some states lawmakers and the public have yet to get around particular revenue ideas. AASHTO tracks state funding proposals.

The Future of Blended Fuel Is Unclear with the New Administration


Keep a close eye on this issue as much could happen to the Renewable Fuels Standard and therefore the gas at your local outlet. Though President Trump told rally-goers in Iowa that he firmly backs the RFS, he has also promised deregulation. The American Coalition on Ethanol is calling for the end of the rule that prohibits E15 in the summer months in most of the U.S. Agreeing with them is the Urban Air Institute, which supports higher blends of ethanol in our fuel supply and welcomes deregulation as they believe it could lead to that. At the least, the UAI wants the approval of an E30 certification fuel.

January 21, 2019, 9:00 pm PST

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