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Each month, a different group of readers are given the opportunity to answer the Question of the Month and this past electoral season, to no one's surprise, produced a flood of responses.

The question "How do you feel the election's outcomes, local, state and federal, will affect your business?" garnered the most input ever, by far.

And the results:
Positive - 74%
Negative - 17%
Neutral - 9%

A sample of responses: (Positive)
• "State and local taxes may impact business but federal lowering of taxes will free up money for investment and improvement of infrastructures and aesthetics of properties."
• "I feel the regulatory agencies will be kept in balance and my business will be able to grow like it (did before)."
• "I'm optimistic that Trump's presidency will have a positive effect on business."
• "Change is good... hoping for a positive outcome and growth for 2017."
• "I think it's going to be good for landscapers and all small businesses."
• "New York will be great again"

• "I do not think the election outcome will have a strong impact on my business. The President, as well as the elected officials can express whatever ideas they want but the reality is that to take any real action is too costly."
• "While Trump likes to build and own facilities I don't believe he will monitor the true needs of the USA and thus do only for himself and his good friends."


Another question that got a lot of response was, "What are the most important issues for your business that you would like to see the new Congress resolve?"

Regulations: 23%
Business Issues: 20%
Labor Issues: 17%
Immigration: 13%
Taxes: 10%

Rounding out the rest of the answers were minimum wage, climate change, gasoline blends, social security cost of living increases to senior citizens, welfare reform and drones.

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January 20, 2019, 6:24 pm PST

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