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March 2016 Ground Gains
Mergers, Acquisitions, Expansions


Kubota Tractor Corporation announced an agreement to enter into an alliance with Smart Path Systems for its precision guidance technology products that will be available for their M, L and B-Series tractors, F-Series mowers and utility vehicles. This technology enables the use of autonomous steering of equipment for mowing, sweeping, spraying, snow plowing and more. Operators can take predetermined paths or record their own path and replay the exact same route in the future. Managers can assign, track, and manage their operators and equipment fleet from a website.


One of the 10 largest equipment rental companies in the U.S., NES Rentals is being acquired by the world's largest, United Rentals for approximately $965 million in cash. Based in Chicago, Illinois, and concentrated in the eastern half of the country, NES has 73 branches, about 1,100 employees, and close to 20,000 customers. Combining operations is expected to strengthen United Rentals' relationships with local and strategic accounts.


A manufacturer of dump hoists and truck cranes, Venco Venturo Industries, LLC. opened an installation center at its manufacturing facility in Cincinnati. There a team of mechanics will be available to up-fit all of the company's products, which besides the hoists and cranes include air compressors and service body packages. The company says that the factory installations often cost less, have shorter lead-times and fewer problems.


LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC introduced a new turnkey service, SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery, which will enable the cementitious self-leveling underlayment to be transported directly to a jobsite, and delivered wet out of the hose so contractors don't have to rent or own their own trucks. Besides this benefit, others cited include consistent quality, increased jobsite safety and OSHA silica dust compliance.


Two equipment dealers in the Northeast U.S. have entered into a deal with Argonne Capital Group to form a new company that will reportedly be the largest John Deere turf and ag supplier in the area. The combination of Lakeland Equipment and Z&M Ag and Turf, now known as LandPro Equipment LLC, totals 12 dealership locations in western New York and northwest Pennsylvania.


Construction Management Company Barr & Barr opened a Southeast office in Tampa, Florida, where it will operate and oversee construction projects in the city and its surrounding area. Recent projects include the Munroe Regional Medical Center, and the Engineering 1 Building project at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

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