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The NSPF Releases Tips to Help Keep Pools Sanitary
Parents and Coaches Can Help Prevent Urine In the Pool


The National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) has released some helpful recommendations to improve water and air quality by reducing urine in pools. A few small changes by and facility managers can prevent urine in the pool.

According to the NSPF, immersion and water activity can reduce lower-back pain, blood pressure, and arthritis symptoms, and improve mental and physical health. Recent science has shown that even the sight of water can improve one's mood.

With so many health benefits, everyone should encourage showers and bathroom breaks before entering the water. It is important to recognize that being submerged in water stimulates the body to create more urine. There are other simple solutions that coaches, parents, and facility managers can incorporate that reduce pee in the pool.

Facility Managers should consider two ways to prevent pee in the pool. First, schedule short breaks to encourage people to exit the water. For example, a 10 minute "adult only" swim time or an out-of-pool activity every hour encourages people to exit the pool and use the bathroom. Second, post signage that suggests using the bathroom and showering before getting into the pool. Air quality can also be improved upon for indoor facilities when we keep urine out of the water.

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February 15, 2019, 2:09 pm PST

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