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California Not Drought Free
Not all counties are "singing in the rain"

Great snow packs in the mountains (182% above normal), and a lot of California reservoirs are flush with water (Shasta 82% of capacity), but not all counties are "singing in the rain." Lake Cachuma, which supplies Santa Barbara County with its water needs is only at 14% of capacity.



Year-to-Year (Feb. 9, 2016--Feb. 7 2017) Drought Maps
yellow: abnormally dry
tan: moderate drought
darker yellow: severe drought
red: extreme drought

Breakdown of Feb. 7, 2017 Map

Severe to Extreme Drought
Monterrey: eastern county--severe drought
San Benito: south county--severe drought
Visalia: west county--severe drought
San Luis Obispo: severe drought; south county--extreme drought
Bakersfield: south county--severe drought
Santa Barbara: severe drought; south county--extreme drought
Ventura: north county--severe drought
Los Angeles: north county--severe drought
Imperial (east of San Diego)--severe drought

Source: U.S. Drought monitor

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March 30, 2017, 5:43 am PDT

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