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ASLA Named to Distinguished List of Professional Societies
"Most Engaged on Climate Issues"


"Most landscape architects acknowledge the reality of climate change, and as a result their work helps make communities more resilient and better able to recover from disruptive climate events."--ASLA executive vice president and CEO Nancy Somerville

The Kresge Foundation has released its Professional Societies and Climate Change report (* The report is by climate adaptation consultant Dr. Missy Stults and researcher/consultant Sara Meerow, PhD. The tandem interviewed 41 organizations to assess their climate change activities. The foundation based its assessments on 3 pillars: "adaptation, mitigation and social justice," and 9 activities under each of those rubrics. The 9 activities were 1) advocacy; 2) education and information dissemination; 3) external partnerships; 4) funding; 5) networking; 6) recognition; 7) research; 8) standard setting; 9) training.

Nine of the 41 organizations were categorized as engaging in the most climate change activities: American Planning Association; American Public Health Association; American Society of Civil Engineers; American Society of Landscape Architects; American Water Works Association; International City/County Management Association; National League of Cities; National Medical Association; and the Urban Land Institute.

ASLA has a policy statement on climate change dating back to 2008, but will convene an interdisciplinary blue ribbon task force later this year to develop climate change and resilience-related public policy recommendations.

About the Kresge Foundation
Sebastian Kresge (1867-1966) began his retail store empire with 2 five-and-10-cent stores. By 1912, he had 85 stores. In 1924 he funded the Kresge Foundation ( in Detroit to support the city's development of arts/culture, education, environment, health and human services. In 1962 he open his first Kmart. The S.S. Kresge Co. was renamed Kmart Corp. in 1977. Today, the Kresge Foundation is a $3.6 billion private national foundation focused on the arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services and community development.

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