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How To Choose the Right Gas Fire Burner
Tips on Selecting a Safe and Beautiful Burner for Each Individual Project

Hilary Reynolds, The Outdoor GreatRoom Company


When choosing a burner for your fire pit, fire table, or fireplace, there are several factors to consider, including what it is made of, how it ignites, how safe it is, its size, and what materials go around it.


Burners should be stainless steel for longevity and to minimize potential rusting, especially when the burner is exposed to the outside elements.


When putting tempered glass beads on top of a burner, be sure to only use the recommended amount. Using more can cause soot buildup. Other options include lava rock or faux logs.

Selecting the right gas burner is one of the most important aspects of choosing an outdoor gas fire pit, fire table, or fireplace. There are several key items to look for in your burner selection; one of the most important is that it is UL Listed and safety tested. This helps to ensure that the burner will light properly, burn clean, and be safe to operate. UL Listed burners are also sought after for commercial properties that require extra safety measures. Whether the burner is meant for contract/commercial use or for residential purposes, safety should be the top priority.

Additionally, it is important to select a burner that is a high-grade stainless steel. This helps for operation and longevity and minimizes any rust options--something you definitely want to do on a gas burner that is exposed to the outside elements. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company uses #304 Marine Grade Stainless Steel in product construction and for all Crystal Fire™ Burners and trims.

The third item is to have an ignition system that is dependable and easy to operate. Whether the system is automatic, match light, or a push button ignition - it is important to choose a system that works for your project. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company offers both a push button battery operated ignition and a direct spark (automatic) ignition system for all of their burners.




While the above are the primary things to look for, there are some secondary, but still very important, items to consider. Having a recessed or sunken burner can provide some significant advantages - this helps to protect the fire from the wind while providing some extra safety distance from the fire. The size of the burner is also very important. If you are not able to find a standard sized burner to complete your project, custom sized burners are always an option to find that perfect fit. The availability of landscape contractor-specific burner components are also a plus when choosing a burner. To keep the edges of the pan from overheating, it is important to have a tapered pan design. Additionally, if the metal is a high gloss stainless steel, the mirror affect reflects and enhances the look of the flame, especially after dusk. For added safety and flame reflection, it is recommended that the optional glass wind guards be considered to protect and enhance the look of the burner, fire pit, or fireplace.

One final thought, for clean burning, the best choice for material on top of the burner is tempered glass beads. Only use the recommended amount, as piling up this material will likely cause soot to occur and make ignition more difficult. Other fire safe media include lava rock, tumbled lava rock, stones, or a faux log set for a more rustic or natural looking fire pit. Selecting the right fire media for your burner can complete and customize your fire pit, fire table, or fireplace.

While there may be several burners that meet the above criteria, Crystal Fire™ Burners are guaranteed to be safe, burn clean, install and operate with ease, and look great.

It is worth the time to select the right product for your project as you or your customers will get many years of gathering around the fire and creating memories with family and friends!

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