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Heroes to Hives: Helping Veterans
Learn New Skills

The Michigan Pollinator Initiative


Army veteran and PhD student Adam Ingrao established Heroes to Hives pilot program in 2015.

In early November, the Michigan Pollinator Initiative at Michigan State University published an article announcing its new program for veterans, Heroes to Hives. The Michigan Pollinator Initiative established this new program to help veterans by teaching them the profession of beekeeping.

"Heroes to Hives is a beekeeping education course for military veterans that seeks to address the financial and personal wellness of veterans through professional training and community involvement," noted Meghan Milbrath, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Entomology.

A team of 15 veterans will meet two to three times monthly for nine months to learn the basics and work with experienced beekeepers. Veterans will have full access to the instructional apiary at the Kellogg Biological Station Bird Sanctuary while they learn and network.

The Heroes to Hives curriculum will cover a wide range of topics including hive handling, honey production, bee biology and habitat management for pollinators. The program is designed to teach veterans how to successfully manage a small beekeeping operation.

A competitive application process is currently underway and will end on Dec. 15, 2016. The 2017 Heroes to Hives program has been fully funded by the AT&T Foundation and private donations. All classes will be offered to veterans at no cost.

For more information on the Heroes to Hives program including how to apply, please visit

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