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CLARB Announces New Board of Directors and President's Award Winner

Congratulations to Newly Elected Officials and Ilya Mochalov


Eight individuals were elected as officers and directors for the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards during the organization's Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

The Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB) elected new officers and two new regional directors to its Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting held September 22-24 in Philadelphia.

Individuals that held their positions were Stan Williams, treasurer; Rick Picatagi, director region 1; Bob Mercier, director region 3; Cary Baird, director region 5; and Joel Albizo, ex-oficio executive director.

Those who took new office were Chris Hoffman, president; Christine Anderson, president-elect; Phil Meyer, vice president; Allison Fleury, secretary; Randy Weatherly, past president; Pat Beam, director region 2; Michael Beresnak, director region 4; and Melissa Cornelius, MBE director.

Also at the Annual Meeting, Weatherly presented Ilya Mochalov, chair of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Global Standards Task Force, with the CLARB Presidential Recognition Award. Mochalov is currently the First Vice-President of the Russian Society of Landscape Architects and a Chair of the Moscow Society of Landscape Architects.

"Ilya has demonstrated visionary leadership in the important and complex dialogue on global standards," said Weatherly, noting that he was among the first to see the potential benefits of standards to the public, the environment and the profession.

Since 1970, CLARB has been dedicated to ensuring that all individuals who affect the natural and built environment through the practice of landscape architecture are sufficiently qualified to do so. CLARB and its members work together to establish standards for education, experience and examination required for the professional licensure of landscape architects. CLARB's members include the licensure boards that regulate the profession of landscape architecture in the United States; Puerto Rico; and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

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