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Center for Irrigation Technology Grades IrriGreen System
Tests Prove Notable Efficiency, Water Use Reduction


IrriGreen's Genius® multi-stream sprinklers water lawns in a computerized pattern similar to how inkjet printers spay ink on paper.

A leading independent laboratory specializing in scientific evaluation of irrigation equipment the Center for Irrigation Technology, recently put IrriGreen's Genius® multi-stream sprinklers to the test with favorable results.

The evaluation made a comparison of the performance of one Genius computerized smart head (that waters in the exact shape of a lawn) per irrigation zone, and six to nine conventional mechanical rotors or spray heads per zone. Both systems increased soil moisture by equivalent amounts but the computerized head used 40 percent fewer gallons of water.

"For more than three decades, the irrigation industry has counted on the soil and water scientists at CIT to answer a basic question about irrigation technology: does it work," says company president Gary Klinefelter.

Scott Knowles, the president of Wolf Creek Company, which distributes the product in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky, explains its operation with, "Like a printer spraying ink on a page, IrriGreen 'prints' water in controlled patterns that keep grass uniformly green and save water."

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May 24, 2018, 4:44 am PDT

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