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Artist Unveils "The Golden Tree"
Deko-Pro Grit and Gravel Hardener Used Around Sculpture



Artist Douglas Coupland unveiled the 13-meter high "Golden Tree" sculpture, which had Romex's Deko-Pro grit and gravel hardener applied to its base.

In August 2016, Vancouver-based artist Douglas Coupland unveiled his 13-metre high sculpture, "The Golden Tree" - a new landmark in the city of Vancouver. ROMEX(R) 2-component grit and gravel hardener "DEKO-PRO" was presented to the developer, who immediately saw its advantages, and decided to use it with a local gravel mixture for the base surround of the sculpture. Deko-Pro, for professional use only, is useful for pedestrian loads with joint depths from 1 1/4". It's highly water permeable and water resistant, and ideal for pathway construction and tree pits. It strengthens gravel and grit (grain size from approximately 1/16" - 3/7") (not suitable for white stones). The high strength formula can be applied from 32 degree Fahrenheit surface temperatures. No weed growing - no loose gravel in the garden - and eco-friendly. At "The Golden Tree," undulating grades from accent lighting were successfully overcome, and the work was completed on a tight timeline, within two days, to the full satisfaction of the contractor - and in time for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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September 24, 2018, 8:57 pm PDT

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