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Blessing the Land Before Building
Resort Company Rescues Plants, Holds Ancient Mayan Ceremony


On a beach next the Mexican Caribbean in late August, the Mayan Priest Luis Nah welcomed a select group of guests to an ancient ceremony intended to "harmonize" the property where a new resort will be built.

In a show of respect for the land that a new resort will reside on, and that land's ancestors, the resort's parent corporation created a nursery, or as they call it a plant sanctuary, to rescue local flora, and conducted an ancient ceremony.

Ocean by H10 Hotels, which manages properties in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Cuba, did this as a welcome to the resort in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Called the Ocean Riviera Paradise in Riviera Maya, its surrounding land was "harmonized with Mother Nature" through the traditional Mayan ceremony, Jedz Lum, that took place on the beach.

The Mayan Priest Luis Nah told a group of guests that the relevance of the ceremony "has as an objective to find peace, as this is how our cosmovision works."

The conservation of local flora was said to be key to respecting the environment, relocating them to create the gardens that will frame this new five-star resort. Bromeliads, Xiat, Nacax, Yāit?, Chico Zapote just to name a few, were planted in a permanent nursery and will be replanted throughout two other properties operated in the same locale by the hotel company.

Its director of operations, Alejandro Gonz?lez Pou, pointed out that "Before opening the doors to the public, the objective is to preserve the ancestral traditions of the Mayan Culture as well as to promote the importance of respect towards the locality where Ocean Riviera Paradise will soon start to operate, (and) where more than 10,000 endemic plants were rescued over a period of 6 years".

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December 15, 2018, 9:12 am PST

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