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STMA Launches New Certification
Environmental Facility Certification Program


The STMA, a professional association for those who manage sports fields worldwide, is now accepting applications for their new Environmental Facility Certification Program.

After four years of development and beta testing, the Sports Turf Managers Association has introduced their Environmental Facility Certification Program. Assessments opened on June 6.

The Environmental Facility Certification Program documents a facility's level of environmental stewardship. Applicants first must achieve an 80 percent "pass rate" on an electronic survey of environmental best practices. After passing, the applicant does a walk-through of the facility accompanied by an attester, who verifies the results.

Once verified, the facility will receive their choice of a banner or plaque stating that it is certified for environmentally responsible management.

There is no cost to apply, but a $100 fee is required once the facility has been approved. Part of the fee goes towards the banner or plaque. Certification is valid for three years, after which the process must be repeated and the fee assessed again. The certification remains even if the manager leaves before the three-year time period is up.

Interested parties who are not sure if their facility will make the cut can view the entire electronic survey from Additionally, information and resources related to STMA's environmental principles can be found at

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