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The Best Complete Street Policies of 2015
Determined by Smart Growth America and National Complete Streets Coalition


The National Complete Streets Coalition recently released its report on 2015's Best Complete Streets Policies, which lists communities that have adopted these guidelines. One community this year earned a perfect score.

Complete streets are streets for all users - vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, public transit and more. Smart Growth America's National Complete Streets Coalition is committed to the development and implementation of complete streets policies and practices nationwide.

In 2015, communities passed a total of 82 complete streets policies, bringing the total to 899 across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC.

The National Complete Streets Coalition analyzes new complete streets policies each year and ranks them based on ten factors: vision and intent, inclusion of all users and modes, inclusion of all projects and phases, clear and accountable exceptions, a transportation network, jurisdiction, design, context sensitivity, performance measures, and implementation steps. There are five points possible in each category, weighted for a total possible 100 points.

The best complete streets policies of 2015 are as follows:

1. Reading, Pa., with an unprecedented 100 point score.

2. West Hartford, Conn., with a score of 94.4.

3. Park Forest, Ill.; South Bend, Ind.; Longmeadow, Mass.; all with a score of 92.8.

4. Weymouth, Mass., with a score of 92.0.

5. Omaha, Neb., with a score of 88.8.

6. Vincennes, Ind., with a score of 88.0.

7. Ashland, Mass.; Natick, Mass.; Norwell, Mass.; all with a score of 87.2.

8. Little Rock, Ark., with a score of 85.6.

9. Framingham, Mass.; Lynn, Mass.; Portage, Mich.; all with a score of 84.8.

10. Battle Ground, Wash., with a score of 84.0.

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