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Moorpark Magnificence
Design and Contracting by Green Scene Landscaping and Pools, Chatsworth, Calif.



At the Moorpark, Calif., home a bridge leads from the main patio over a narrow strip of pool to an outdoor living room pavilion with custom ironwork and a fireplace. The overlook patio is stone textured stamped colored concrete (Davis Colors) with Tuscan cast concrete columns. The spa, bordered by two concrete fire bowls, is an infinity rim-flow design that creates a beautifully reflective surface. The tiles are from Fujiwa. The medallion water features on the pool's raised bond beam are lit with fiber optic cables connected to a color changing illuminator. The project was installed using all brass and glass fixtures from Lightcraft Outdoor Environments. The palms are uplit with 'Big Smoky' MR16 bullet lights with 35-watt halogens; the pavilion is downlit with 'Little Smoky' MR11 35-watt halogens lamps. Green Scene Landscaping and Pools said if it were doing the project today it would go with LEDs in lieu of the halogens.

Some 40 years ago, Scott Cohen started a lawn care business in Southern California. Today, he is the owner of Green Scene Landscaping and Pools in Chatsworth, Calif. Mr. Cohen is a licensed contractor in landscape, swimming pool and general construction. He is also the author of 10 design and construction books. Scott's role is as a supervising landscape and pool designer.

The other company principal, Dave Bender, is a landscape designer and licensed landscape contractor. Dave's role is landscapes and also pool designs. The duo coordinate every aspect of project work, including photographing and measuring a property, sketching perspective drawings, creating plans in AutoCAD, creating proposals and contracts, permitting, obtaining HOA approval and working with engineering firms (as necessary), and planning, coordinating and implementing all phases of demolition, construction and planting. Masonry and construction crews are under the direction of a field supervisor.


A series of 20-watt halogen MR16 bullet light fixtures (DL 105) attached to the center of the framework of the metal arbor light the ground plane. The cables for this low voltage lighting were fished through the inside of the ironwork.

A three-time "Masters of Design Award" winner, Green Scene Landscaping and Pools has frequently been showcased on HGTV (e.g., "Cool Pools" and "Get Out, Way Out!") doing what the company does best--transforming backyards into engaging outdoor living environments.

A Tabula Rasa
Green Scene's residential client in this feature is a young couple with children who bought a new home in Moorpark. Moorpark (pop. 34,421) is a city in Ventura County in Southern California, about 48 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The "backyard" was just dirt, a tabula rasa, or what an artist might call an empty canvas.

The homeowners engaged Green Scene clean slate. Like any homeowners, they wanted a backyard that the entire family could enjoy, and a place to entertain friends.



The classical inspired columns are uplit by 35-watt glass shield fixtures that are flush with the colored concrete. For safety, the step risers are lit with recessed step boxes with louver covers (SD 400 & 402), each with two 13-watt halogen SC Bayonet lamps.

The clients wanted a pool large enough to swim laps, but not so big that it would dominate the yard. To accommodate this desire, only a portion of the pool was extended for lap swimming, making the pool appropriately sized for the space.

The client also wanted a fireplace to anchor the outdoor living area. Given the space taken up by the pool, the logical place for a fireplace was the far corner of the yard. Easy access to that area was a problem, as the lap pool was in the way. The solution was a cast concrete bridge that spans across the lap pool portion and connects to an outdoor living room pavilion with custom ironwork and a fireplace. The overlook patio is stone texture stamped concrete with Tuscan cast concrete columns. The home is built on a "view lot" with elevation. The outdoor living room is perfectly situated to take advantage of the views.

A popular supplement to any pool is a spa. Green Scene designed an infinity spa that creates a wonderfully reflective surface. During the day the hills and sky are reflected in its waters; at night the dual fire bowls on either side of the spa mirror the flames.




Scott Cohen's signature outdoor living amenity is the custom "Libation Sensations" freestanding bar/serving counter, featuring 300 repurposed empty wine bottles lit with about 500 fiber optic cables, 3 cables for darker bottles and 1-2 for lighter colored bottles. Melted scotch bottles and large chunks of recycled glass were hand set into the concrete countertop pour and then polished to a smooth as glass finish. The countertop concrete was colored with the Davis brand 'Sandstone' hue. The Styrofoam forms used to create the onsite molds are from Stegmeir Corp.

An outdoor kitchen is the central hub of the new backyard designs. In addition to a 36-inch dual burner barbecue, counter and trash bin, the client wanted a customized wet bar. The designers created quite an unusual wet bar. The counter top is cast-in-place concrete hand "seeded" with melted wine and scotch bottles provided by the homeowners. Scott Cohen maintains a ceramic studio and melted the bottles in his kilns so they could be used as countertop "tiles." The facade of the wet bar is 300 empty wine bottles lit with fiber optic cables. There are two illuminators required to light this feature. Three hundred fiber cables power each illuminator. Dark bottles require 3 fiber optic cables; lighter colored bottles need one or two. The cables are held in place with corks and silicone. The countertop bottles and chunks of recycled glass are lit underneath with cables and then polished with granite finishing tools.

The Moorpark residential project was filmed by HGTV for a documentary on the latest trends in outdoor room design called "Property Buzz."

As seen in LASN magazine, April 2016.

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