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JCB Introduces myCHOICE Skid Steer Controls
Sophisticated Electronic Controls Allow Operators
to Do More with Their Machines


New software with six modes gives JCB skid load operators the ability to modify machine controls to suit their needs.

Skid steer and compact track loader operators need the ability to control their machines across an ever-widening range of applications. To answer that need, JCB ( has launched myCHOICE controls, a new controls operation software that gives operators the ability to adjust their skid steer travel and loader controls for optimal operation during finer, more precise work to faster, high-duty cycle operation.

"We recognized that we needed skid steer software to satisfy a wide range of customer applications and demands," said Kenneth Walton, chief engineer for JCB. "When customers see electronic controls, they expect to be able to modify them to suit their needs, similar to how one modifies a cell phone to match personal preference. myChoice skid steer software allows them to do just that."

Previously, the company's skid steers and compact track loaders featured three control modes. With the introduction of myCHOICE, a total of six control modes are available on all its new machines - three modes for the transmission and three for the loader functions. Machine operation remains exactly the same, with users engaging modes within the new software just as they did with the prior software.

"myCHOICE is essentially about using software to make a machine feel real," Walton said. "With myCHOICE controls, operators can feel like skid steer experts, whether they've been using their machine for five hours or 50 years."

Similar to mobile phone or computer software suppliers that periodically update their operating software, the company will inform its dealers when myCHOICE updates are available. Dealers will then install the software updates during a customer's next preventive service appointment.

To learn more about JCB's myCHOICE controls for skid steers and compact track loaders, visit or watch this informative video

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December 15, 2017, 2:23 am PST

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