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Showing Appreciation for Those that Green Your World

"Thank a Landscaper," is a grassroots campaign to get people thinking about others in their lives that have positively influenced their love of nature - and publically thank them for that.

Of the many stories that were heard at this year's GIE + EXPO, one of the more interesting ones was of a national grassroots campaign began by a Florida landscape maintenance, installation and design company aimed at spreading appreciative goodwill to landscapers and other influencers of nature's beauty.

Designated "Thank a Landscaper," the endeavor lets people post a thank you message to the individuals, groups and companies, regardless if they are part of the landscape industry, that "introduced (them) to the joys of nature or expanded (their) interest in the plant world."

The campaign was the brainchild of ArtisTree Landscape of Venice, Florida. Debra Morrow, the company's vice president of marketing, introduced herself and explained how it works. People go to and fill out a simple form (no personal information is required other than first and last names but initials can be used).

Over a dozen standard messages can be selected or people can write their own. Many heartfelt posts are already on the web site. According to it, the idea was inspired by a kind gesture that ArtisTree received after they transplanted some 200 mature trees to save them from being bulldozed. The gifts were seemingly small: coconut bread and plum jam made from fruit harvested from the saved trees, but they had a big impact on the employees.

Morrow agreed that the timing of such a campaign was very opportune as issues such as water restrictions, climate change, continuing concrete sprawl, loss of pollinators and more threaten to limit our green spaces as never before.

To participate in the campaign, go to

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April 23, 2019, 5:48 am PDT

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