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John Deere Launches TractorPlus App for Compact Utility Tractor Operators

John Deere's Mobile application provides equipment owners with easy access to machine information.
Photo: John Deere

Committed to enhancing efficiency and productivity on the job, the John Deere TractorPlus application provides customers with easy access to information to help them learn more about their 3E, 3R, 4M, and 4R compact utility tractors.

Intended to serve as a quick reference tool, the TractorPlus application offers a variety of features for convenience while working various functions. Tractor setup - provides a step-by-step guide for setting up features, including the hitch assist and Final Tier 4 engines. Icon glossary - allows users to familiarize themselves with the instrument panel. Error code lookup is a searchable database of diagnostic trouble codes. Notebook provides a place for operators to save notes on the machine's performance for future reference. For more information visit

"The TractorPlus application offers operators with access to frequently accessed machine information without needing to open the manual," said Scott Schadler, product marketing manager. "It's important to John Deere to make operation easier for our customers and the TractorPlus application is one of the many ways we hope to streamline the process for our customers."

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July 20, 2019, 1:15 am PDT

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