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Arborist Safety Training Institute Workshop Grants Available

The TCIA, a public and professional resource for trees and arboriculture, is now offering grants to fund safety training workshops for arborists.

The Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI), launched by the Tree Care Industry Association Foundation (TCIAF) in 2013, recently exceeded its goal of $2 million to fund its mission: providing affordable safety training and educational opportunities for tree care companies nationwide.

TCIAF is now proud to announce that ASTI will provide grants up to $2,000 to fund part- or full-day workshops around the country. Tree care companies are encouraged to apply for grants to fund safety training workshops in their area.

The goal of ASTI workshops is to bring high-quality, affordable safety training to arborists around country. "Many smaller companies are unable to use all the valuable training tools currently available within our industry," says Mark Garvin, president and CEO of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), which oversees and administers ASTI grants. "These companies consequently place less emphasis on training and more on production. With ASTI, we want to make awareness of best safety practices more accessible for all companies."

TCIAF will fund a variety of safety training programs, encompassing specialties such as chipper operator basics, felling, rigging, chain saw safety, aerial lift operation and aerial rescue, and many other safety training disciplines.

The next grant application deadline is August 15, 2015 for workshops held February 1, 2016 through July 31, 2016. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and workshops will be held continuously throughout the year.

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